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Viking Cylinders

Composite Propane Cylinders

Perfect for sportfish yachts and center console boats for grilling out on the dock instead of a steel tank.

These cylinders are lighter, safer, and more durable than any other product currently on the market.


  • The 11-pound vapor cylinder is the smallest and lightest option, commonly used for the following applications:


  • The 17-pound vapor cylinder is the best replacement for a traditional 20-pound steel tank—it weighs more than 50 percent less and holds 14 percent more propane than you will get from many propane exchange companies. Since you can see the fuel level you will know exactly how much propane is in the cylinder. This size cylinder is commonly used for grilling, tailgating, or anywhere you would use a 20-pound steel tank.


  • Marine
  • White water rafting
  • Camping
  • Tailgating
  • Grilling

OPD valve

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