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Orion Coastal Alert 575 Flare Signaling Kit

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Great to have for your ditch bag or back up. We suggest one for ditch bag and one for the boat.

This is the perfect kit for any Inland or Coastal boater. The kit contains: aerial handheld and smoke signaling devices. 

12-Gauge Safety Launcher
Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty and bandolier that can hold up to 6 High Performance Signals
4 12-Gauge High Performance Red Aerial Signals
U. S. Coast Guard Approved Day or Nighttime Signal
Altitude: Up to 500 feet
Brightness: Up to 16,000 candela
Burn Time: Up to 7 seconds each
EXCEEDS US Coast Guard minimum requirements
4 Handheld Red Signal Flares
U. S. Coast Guard Approved Day/Night Signal
Brightness: Up to 700 candela
Burn time: Up to 3 minutes each
1 Handheld Orange Smoke Signal
U. S. Coast Guard Approved Daytime Signal
Average burn time: Up to 1 minute each
Neoprene Storage Case
Highly visible international orange
Protects signals during storage

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