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Forespar Sta-Plug Foam Emergency Plug

This foam plug should be on every sportfish or center console boat. Period. Safety is a must and this small piece of foam could save your boat.

Forespar Sta-Plug Foam Emergency Plug Sta-Plug® is a soft, cone shaped plug designed to conform to the irregular and unpredictable shapes of a hull breach. Whether it's a round hole caused by mechanical failure, or an elongated tear due to impact, it adapts to slow or stop the leak. Unlike old fashion wooden plugs, Sta-Plug's unique shape allows it to be compressed by hand or cut to fit. It also gets into hard-to-reach locations and can also be pushed into a gap using a screw driver or similar tool. It is the true stop-gap solution for emergency leaks. It is recommended to have 1 Sta-Plug for each 10' of boat length. Usable 10° to 275° F, -12° to 135° C. Not for fuel leaks.

  • Can be cut with a knife to use in irregular shaped holes, or torn by hand near the riblets to make smaller diameter plugs for smaller holes.  Tearing at the 8th riblet creates a plug with a 2” diameter base.
  • Made from high density foam that is not susceptible to mold or swelling.
  • Bright orange color allows it to be quickly located in an emergency.
  • Dimensions:  9” High x 5” Diameter at base
  • Made right here in the USA.

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