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Outfitting a Boat with Sportfish Outfitters

November 21, 2019 3 min read

Outfitting a Boat with Sportfish Outfitters

Outfitting new sportfish or center console boats for our customers is one of our specialties. The word outfitting can have different meanings. We do everything on the boat other than fishing tackle. Everyday, we sell dock lines and fenders, maintenance supplies, safety equipment and everything in between. But we’ll get to that later....

Buying a new boat is expensive. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend more money. Having the right equipment is important and in the long run will save you money if you plan ahead and purchase everything in an organized way. So here’s how this usually goes... The captain or owner makes this huge ever growing list and tries to remember everything they need. They usually go to several marine stores and spend a bunch of money on the wrong products. They forget things or they have to go to multiple places to find what they need. Or they want some specialty items and or custom products that they may or may not know where to get. Oh yeah and then there’s spare parts, pumps and filters that you need to figure out.

We have outfitted so many boats of all sizes so it’s something we are good at and enjoy doing. What may be stressful for a lot of people is easy for us. We have all the bases covered along with pre made estimates already set up for you. We specialize in sportfish and center console products so we offer what’s best for you, not for a sailboat or trawler. It’s more like a free consultation than a shopping experience. 

Why outfitting your boat with us is a great experience:

We have a plan - We can point you in the right direction depending on boat size for the correct fenders, dock lines and accessories. Choose colors and find things that make your boat unique. We can also help guide you with trending maintenance products that the pros are using to keep your boat in show condition. We also want you to be safe out there so we will guide you on the best safety options for the boating that you do.


Outfitting a sportfish boat with sportfish outfitters

Make the process not so overwhelming - Everyone stresses about buying everything for the boat. It’s a big job and we like to think we make it pretty easy. We break it down into categories to make things easier to digest. After a consultation you’ll get an estimate for each category that can be fine tuned to your needs. 


Spread out the cost - If you plan ahead and have all of the products in an estimate with us ready to go, you can spread out the cost of all of this. For example, if you’re building a boat that may take months we can place order for a different category each month. Safety equipment being last because some of the products expire. 

Photo journal - In addition to free consultation we will come out and take photos of every product and part on your boat to build your own spare parts album on our shop computer. If you ever need something, we gotcha covered with every detail from bilge pumps to light fixtures and latches.


Shop experience - Stop by our store next time you’re in Jupiter, Florida or come to our shop just to outfit your boat. You’ll find that we have all of the good stuff for your boat without all the fluff and only products that work to fit your needs. Come in and have a seat, crack a beer, and let’s talk about your new boat and what you need to get started on the right path with your boat!

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