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Top Products and Trends

August 01, 2019 3 min read

Top Products and Trends

You know we always have our finger on the trends over here at Sportfish Outfitters. Based on sales, conversation, dock chatter, and general industry buzz, these are some of the top products and trends we have seen in the Sportfish and Center Console world this year. 

Triton Teak Sealer

Triton Teak SealerThe trend started slow earlier in the year after being popular on larger yachts but once it took off everyone wanted some. It’s a new high tech sealer that bonds with the teak fibers.  It repels water and maintains the natural sanded look of teak for a period of up to a few months depending on use and care. It should be applied just after sanding or a good cleaning with a brush or rag in a few coats. 

Welded Seam Yacht Fenders

For years we have seen these on motoryachts. They are making their way into the Sportfish and Center Console market. They aren't better than Polyform or Taylor fenders, which have been the standard for years on Sportfish and Center Console boats, but they are a great way to mix up the selection onboard to fend off the occasional idiot...or just the dock. They are extremely lightweight and easy to inflate/deflate and stow away. We use a one gallon shop-vac and it takes 30 seconds. They are not just for big boats either... The 10x26 is perfect for center consoles that have limited space and they give you extra peace of mind at those sandbar raft ups.

Navisafe Portable Nav Lights

Navisafe Portable LED Nav Light: The buzz has started and these are the best option we have seen yet for a backup nav light. They are USCG certified and have 5 different functions to display each color individually or they can serve as a full set up with red, green, and white together. It also attaches by magnet to its base that comes with a velcro strap. It’s worth having onboard any boat for safety when your light fails (it’s happened to all of us) and also to avoid that ticket.

Smoove Wash

We aren’t sure what’s in the special sauce up there at Smoove but this stuff works and also doesn’t strip wax or coatings off. Plus, it smells like bubble gum. Every customer raves about it. So, if you’re looking for something to help make boat washing a little less miserable at the end of the day, give this stuff a try. We expect to see a lot of growth from Smoove in 2019 as they have some new products coming out in their line that may be as popular as this wash is.

Eartec Headset Communication

It’s not just for yachts anymore! This has been a big year for headset communication on sportfish boats. The trend is growing and after using them a few times you’ll see how it changes the dynamic on the boat. Less yelling and better communication. No, they aren’t completely waterproof but they hold up well under normal conditions. We believe that for the price point they serve their purpose well and Eartec is always looking to improve their product.

LED Light Bars

We have started seeing these show up on both Sportfish and Center Console boats a lot more in 2018. Who doesn’t like a little more light on the situation when you’re offshore or inshore and it’s dark? They offer a bunch of different sizes, flood and spotlight options, and a combo. LED technology allows for a low voltage draw but a lot of lumens!

USCG Approved Battery Distress Signal

These are just starting to get noticed in the sportfish and center console world. We don’t suggest these are the only distress signals you keep on board, but they keep you legal if your other distress signals have accidentally expired. They come with a flag that is also legal for requirements as a day signal. They are worth taking a look at and considering to have on board for peace of mind in case you get stopped. They are also great for a ditch bag.

Taco Metals Rod Holder Cleat

So simple but it saves so many headaches. For both Sportfish and Center Consoles, there never seems to be a good spot to tie a fender to. We have had them custom made in the past but Taco now has them in full production at a great price point and they are popular with all of our customers. We use them and love them and we think you will too.



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