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Hurricane Dorian and Helping the Bahamas

September 08, 2019 2 min read

Hurricane Dorian and Helping the Bahamas

We have a heavy heart seeing the catastrophic destruction Hurricane Dorian has left behind for our neighbors to the east. The Bahamas are a second home to most of us, a place where many of our fondest memories have been made, and now a group of amazing people need our help as they begin the journey to rebuild. The effects of this category 5 storm, especially on Abaco Island, Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Man-O-War Cay, Elbow Cay, and Grand Bahama are unthinkable as towns have been leveled and waters have flooded most of the lands.

Immediately after the massive destruction to the northern islands of the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian we jumped to action as fast as we could to do what we thought was best to help within our network of resources in our community of Jupiter, Florida, including all of our close friends, Blueline Surf & Paddle, and Grand Slam Tackle. I immediately designed a sticker that I knew I could get up on the website right away to get donations coming in and give people an outlet and opportunity to contribute from wherever they lived. We will continue to sell those with 100% of sales going to relief efforts and rebuilding. We are covering cost of credit card fees. We rented a 26' truck and filled it up thanks to everyone in our community and their time.

What the out islands of the Bahamas are to us...

For many years I have been traveling to the outer islands of the Bahamas to fish tournaments, general boating, bar hopping, and just making memories in general with friends and family and the brotherhood of fisherman and crew that I was lucky enough to have around me. It was amazing to me that such a wild, beautiful, and somewhat remote place could be right there across the pond, so close yet so far.

Over the years we have all created our own relationships with locals and have gotten to know our own special places and people in the Bahamas. My passion and relationships personally are mostly with those in the outer islands. My efforts in supporting, helping, and rebuilding after hurricane Dorian through Sportfish Outfitters will go on for quite some time. Everyone can find an opportunity to support what they believe is most important, but if you're supporting us through Sportfish Outfitters I just want to be clear as to our direction and intentions.

We have chosen a few different organizations to direct donations to for now and we will be sending individual supplies on private boats whenever possible. These are groups that we either have personal connection to or know that their efforts are going to the right place. We will adjust the list as time goes on. Feel free to contribute to any of them as we are confident they are doing what needs to be done. With everyone's help the northern Bahamas will rebuild and be better than ever.

Thanks for your support, 

Eric Brush, 

Owner - Sportfish Outfitters


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