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November 29, 2021 3 min read

Being in the marine industry most of my life I have always wondered... Why does the marine industry seem to be in the stone ages compared to other sectors? Technology is still catching up. Websites are getting a little better. We at Sportfish Outfitters have always tried to be a little ahead of the curve in that department. We have now learned that in the new COVID world we are doing business in, that we were more prepared than we thought to do business in a safe, easy way by using our existing technology and systems.Just text what you need to our shop phone. There is no need to come in if you dont want to and no need to search online. We do the hard work for you, all you have to do is shoot a text we ship your order or you can pick it up in store. This means more time boating, fishing, and doing the things you enjoy. 

For a long time people have asked us why we don’t have a catalog for Sportfish Outfitters. My response is that we offer so much more than what we could put in a catalog that it’s a waste of your time and our money. Part of what sets us apart is our text to order option. Why spend time looking through a catalog or searching online when you can just text a product request or a picture?

You text everyone all day long to communicate and it’s 'free' technology. Why is it not part of your shopping experience? At Sportfish Outfitters we are innovating and have set out to change that by giving our shop its own iPhone and cell number that the team shares. The truth is, it's not new to us. In fact, we have been doing this for over 2 years. No fancy apps, no catalog, no searching. You just send a picture of a part you need to fix or replace, or a product you use to maintain your boat, and text it to our shop number. Someone on our team responds by replying with options and emailing a link to pay for the order online. It’s a simple process and it’s a good use of a tool that you already use every day to make your life easier.

Other ways to use your phone as a tool...

 The camera on your phone is free. Without any fancy apps you can take pictures of every part on your entire boat and every product that you use for maintenance and put it in one album. Whether it's a small center console or a 90 foot sportfish, this can save you a tremendous amount of time and allow you to stay organized when you need to shop for something or troubleshoot an issue with a manufacturer. If there’s a part number that you can’t see, use your phone with the flash on and take a picture of the serial or part number. 

Marine or weather apps - with a simple search you’ll find tons of options for free or inexpensive apps that make your boating experience better. Garmin or Navionics charts on your phone are a great backup and the weather tracking options are endless.

 Tether with Garmin Inreach for communication - If you haven't researched this option and you spend time out of cell range you may want to look into it. With an Iridium network plan through Garmin, you can connect the inreach and communicate offshore with the app right through your phone instead of through the device.


Regarding text to order, I think you’ll see other businesses doing the same in the future. It’s something that happened naturally for us and has worked well. We hope it makes your experience better.  



Thanks for being a Sportfish Outfitters customer!

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