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Why Shop With Us

Why buy from Sportfish Outfitters?
After years of paying retail prices, tracking down pumps, parts, maintenance items and tracking receipts and expenses we realized there had to be a better way. So here it is... Sportfish Outfitters. What else happened? The economy and the industry changed. Owners began looking at the numbers a little closer and everyone wants to feel like they're getting a fair price, especially when you're spending so much every year on parts and supplies.

Sportfishing Boats Are Unique
After years of traveling on sportfishing boats and being fortunate enough to learn from some of the greatest crews in the world we know that Sportfish captains maintain their boats to the highest standard possible and are very particular about what they want. Sportfish guys do things differently than anyone else and in our opinion uphold a tradition of keeping a perfect and beautiful boat. If we hear of a new product that works better we will certainly post it on our site and let our customers know about it.

Doing it yourself
We believe in the tradition of captains and owners knowing about the systems on their boats and knowing how to fix things on their own when they need to. It's all about problem solving and we're here to help. With years of experience on the water with mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and also construction, and fabrication we are happy to help you troubleshoot.

Tradition Meets Technology
With the photo and text ability of todays smart phones why flip through catalogs or try to track things down - Take a pic of the part on the boat that you need - text or email it to us - Its that simple. We actually find that its more personal and provides a better level of service than you wasting time looking through a catalog, squinting at your phone on google looking for parts, or wandering around a store. New technology also allows you to easily pay with a credit card when you receive your invoice by email. 

Convenience and Cost Savings
At Sportfish Outfitters we aim to make it as convenient as possible for captains and owners to buy anything they need for their boat. ANY PART OR PRODUCT THAT YOU USE IS AVAILABLE. If its on your boat or its something new that you want we can track it down AND sell it to you at a discount. We have relationships will most major wholesalers and also direct relationships with parts and supply manufacturers. We can get everything from plumbing to electrical, stereo equipment and lighting, hardware and maintenance supplies, and everything in between. We usually can have it delivered to our warehouse next day and will then ship to you wherever you need it. Captains in Palm Beach county Florida can request free delivery to their boat for orders over $250.

Stay organized
No more boxes of receipts, trying to figure out when you ordered something, or the owner looking at you wondering if you're doing your best to save him money and being responsible about spending. You will get a monthly invoice with everything you ordered showing your discount. At the end of the year show the owner the savings.

Help during an emergency or while traveling
Whether you're doing a delivery, fishing a tournament, or sitting at the dock at home, things ALWAYS break and we're here to help you find what you need. Sometimes you're not familiar with where to find boat parts in the area or the things you need just aren't locally available. Call, text, or email us while you're on your way in and we'll do our best to get it immediately and ship it directly to the marina where you're staying.

Talk to a captain not just someone behind a counter
We believe that in order to really help a captain with what he needs for his boat that you need to be a captain. Thats why at Sportfish Outfitters we promise that when you call, text, or email with a product question or to place an order you will always talk to a captain that can identify with your problem and find you what you need. As we hire more people and expand into other parts of the country we will always look for captains to be sales reps for us.

More than just boat parts
Keeping you up to date on new products coming out in the outdoor world. Sometimes things used for other sports - surfing, hunting, camping, etc. can be very effective tools for a captain. We will write product reviews or links to products that aren't necessarily considered "marine" items but can make your job easier and this life adventure of running boats more fun. We are always looking on-line for new things coming out - Multi tools, waterproof cases, sunblock, shoes, sunglasses, tide watches or whatever looks exciting and useful.

Simple Invoicing
We email you an invoice that you can either pay by credit card directly from the emailed invoice, we can swipe your card on delivery for your convenience, or if you would like to keep a credit card on file we can set you up with monthly billing. Order history available upon request at any time.

Price Match Guarantee
If within 30 days you find the product that you purchased anywhere locally in another store for less than what you paid, we will credit your account for the difference towards your next purchase.