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TD Mop

TD Chamois Mop Made w/ Strips Of Authentic Chamois ***

Everyone's favorite chamois mop! Most of us have spent more time caressing this lovely blonde mop than we have our significant others. Its kind of a love hate relationship but it's by far the best tool for the job used by the best in the business. If you're not using one you and your boat are both missing out. Order your today and make sure you have a backup. A few different handle lengths available so keep in mind where you'll be using it and keep one of each on hand.

Plus if someone on the boat asks if they can help you better make sure that you have one to hand them! 


***Note: Due to the size of the mops, our free shipping option do not apply here. We offer a flat rate fee of $9.99, which will be applied to this product. For Florida state customers, a pick up option is available. Please contact us for more information.***

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