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Jupiter By Water

December 20, 2019 5 min read 1 Comment

Jupiter By Water


The saltwater estuaries of Jupiter tangle through the town like roots in soil, yet it is this water where many of our roots can be found. Be it boating and fishing, or surfing and stand up paddle boarding, without our waters we'd be lost. For us, and we hope you'll agree, boat days are the best days. From dawn to dusk, and into the night, Jupiter offers an abundance of stops while you're out for a cruise, and we wanted to make sure you know how to boat like the locals do. Check out the list below for our favorite spots around town, and as always, please boat responsibly.


Guanabanas Jupiter Florida


Ever eaten dinner in a rainforest? Here's your chance. Guanas (local lingo) is a must for any boater, and is truly more of an experience than just a stop for food and drink. A full outdoor restaurant, bar, and music venue, the property resembles that of a tropical jungle in some far away land. Strong drinks are usually mixed with some great live local music, and make sure you stop by on Wednesdays if you like reggae. Locals tip: try to plan your trip around high tide. At low tide it can be nearly impossible to get in/out of many boats. (photo:


Bricktops restaurant jupiter fl

River House

A little bit on the fancier side, this hot spot is a great place for date night. Or just drinks at the outdoor tiki bar. Sitting just below the PGA bridge, while it's a bit off the beaten path from the heart of Jupiter, the location makes for a nice cruise to and fro. As much as we love seafood, the steaks at River House are to die for, and we hear they pair nicely with an Old Fashioned. Locals tip: get there early due to minimal dock space. (photo: River House)


Jupiter Sandbar boats boat day

Jupiter Sandbar

Just west of the railroad bridge lies an expansive shallow water flat, deemed the Jupiter Sandbar. Not to be confused with the Tequesta Sandbar (see below). Why we prefer it? The south side of the sandbar offers a perfect place to post up away from the main channel AND it's in a no-wake zone. This sandbar is definitely calmer and more family oriented, but still an awesome place to hang. Did we mention the no wake zone? The flat goes on for nearly a half mile, so plenty of room for plenty of boats. Locals tip: for the pretty water, make sure you're there either on the incoming tide towards the high, or on the first half of the fall. For dry land, go at low. On our strong lows the whole flat will be dry, and becomes a perfect place to play fetch with our furry friends. (photo: Iris Outdoors Co)


Jupiter Sandbar boat day

Tequesta Sandbar

Countyline Rd. marks the end of our county, and if you were to follow it straight into the water you'd hit the Tequesta Sandbar. This bar runs parallel to the intracoastal channel and is a hopping weekend spot, just south of the popular Jupiter Pointe marina. Access is around the northern tip of the bar and then find a spot to pull your boat on in. Our only complaint about this sandbar is the constant wave action from boats in the main channel. This one is NOT in a no-wake zone, so it can get a little bit rough when the higher tides push a lot of water up on the bar. Definitely a little more upbeat than the Jupiter Sandbar, but still very family friendly. Locals tip: don't get too rowdy here. Marine Patrol is sure to be hanging close by. (photo: Colin Hickey)


Tiger beach Jupiter Sandbar

Tiger Beach

Do you really want to get away from the crowds? Boating north past the Tequesta Sandbar is the ticket. The cruise through the Jupiter Island area is long and slow, but certainly worth it. Besides having plenty of glamorous houses to check out along the way, just before you're allowed to resume normal safe operation is a spit of land we like to call Tiger Beach. There's not very much boat parking here which keeps the crowd small and very chill. This is also a great place to go and anchor up out off the shore as there's a small basin there. Have a Sportfish you want to anchor and let all your center console buddies tie up to you? Perfect spot for that. Locals tip: go at low tide. You'll be able to walk the bar all the way out to the channel. Side note, can you figure out which house is Tiger's? (photo: Youtube user ctadams21)


Utiki beach Jupiter fl lighthouse restaurant

U-Tiki Beach

For dinner with a view, it's hard to beat this local favorite. The open air and tiki hut vibe go well with a clear shot of the Jupiter lighthouse just across the water. U-Tiki has the largest amount of public docking in town, and the floating docks really make it very boater friendly. As the sun goes down the tiki torches will come on, and make sure you take a walk on the dock to see some snook in the lights. Locals tip: approach with caution if the tide is strong in either direction. The current that rips through here can make an expert boater look amateur in just a few seconds.


Jupiter square grouper bar waterfront

Square Grouper

A Jupiter staple to say the least, Square Grouper is always a great place to dock up and let loose. You can drink, dance, dig your toes in some sand, see some giant snook in the dock lights, and enjoy an incredible sunset view, especially from the west end of their floating dock. The property has grown and renovated over the years, and the locals will certainly remember the day Alan Jackson decided to show up unexpectedly and shoot part of his "Five-o-clock Somewhere" music video. While it can definitely draw a rather deep crowd as the night goes on, we prefer stopping in for a happy hour drink or two right around sundown. Locals tip: the public dock isn't open until after 6pm, so keep that in mind. Also, this is a 21+ establishment, so leave the kids at home for this occasion. (photo: Square Grouper)


Jupiter florida harbourside


If you're looking to dock up and have a variety of food and drink options, Harbourside is a perfect choice for you. From Mexican food at Cantina, a seafood based menu at Tommy Bahamas, the classiness of The Woods, or even some good old burgers at BurgerFi, this town center on the water has an array of options for your crew. Throughout the year, many events are hosted here as well ranging from car shows and farmers markets, to live concerts in their outdoor amphitheater. As season rolls around, the outer floating dock is sure to be loaded with some spectacular boats that call Jupiter home that time of year, and are certainly a sight to see. Public docking can be found on the north side of the facility, just off the main channel. Locals tip: check the schedule to see when the PIRATE SHIPS come to town. (photo: Allied Capital and Development)


1000 North Jupiter Florida

1000 North

Jupiter's newest waterfront eatery is certainly one worth checking out, but we say save it for a special occasion. With it's overall exclusive feel and premium dishes, plus a members-only room upstairs, you'll definitely want to leave the flip flops at home for this outing. But, the tiki bar is still a good ole' tiki bar. Arriving by boat is nice and easy with the new floating dock, but if you're coming in a large vessel, pay attention at low tide, it can get a bit shallow. Locals tip: this is a perfect night time spot as the dock has some incredible underwater lights. (photo: Kim Seng)

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