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E-SeaRider Medium Teardrop Marine Beanbag

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So the captain'e seat is always the best spot on the boat but what about everyone else on the boat when you're blasting through 6 footers offshore! Everyone's favorite spot on the boat is always the bean bag and they're usually fighting over them so make sure you have enough ready for your crew!

  • Each bag is made to order
  • White Center 5-7 business days before shipping
  • Color Center 2 weeks before shipping 
  • NO overnight shipping available
  • Ships from Florida

Also great for inside the salon on the bigger boats when you have a long ride out and everyone is fighting over a spot to take a quick nap!

And at the end of the day throw them on the dock and crash while you enjoy your rum drink or beers after a long hard day of fishing!

We have listed the medium teardrop here but there are many other sizes available just call, email or text your request.