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Clay Magic Polymer Clay Bar Fine Grade

The Clay Magic Polymer Detailing Clay Bar will help you remove embedded contamination from the paint safely and easily! From a distance, your clear coat may look smooth, but at a microscopic level it is actually porous. Contamination can easily become lodged between these areas and reduce the optical clarity of your paint, but this issue can be corrected with a good clay bar and lube! Take your favorite clay lube spray it onto the surface and glide the Clay Magic Polymer Detailing Clay Bar across the surface. This high quality clay bar will help you safely pull embedded contamination from the paint, improving cleanliness, slickness and clarity. Contamination such as paint overspray, tree sap, bug residue, industrial fallout, and stubborn dirt are no match for the cleaning power of this bar. Another huge benefit that helps this clay bar stand out among others is the embedded polymers in the clay. These polymers help this clay bar glide across the surface easier than before and it's easy to shape in your hand. It's a very flexible and malleable clay bar that won't break apart like low-quality bars. Clean your paint and help future layers of protection (i.e. waxes, sealants, coatings) adhere to the paint properly with the Clay Magic Polymer Detailing Clay Bar!

Clay Magic clay bars are safe on all types of vehicles and safe on the clearcoat, paint, chrome, glass, fiberglass and plastic.