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SeaSucker Fishermans Cup Holder Vertical Mount

Two cup holders? Check. Knife slot? Check. Pliers slot? Check. Utility dish? Check. Hook holes? Check. What more can you ask for? Made of 3/4” white Starboard for durability, and attached to a 4 1/2” Sea Sucker for unparalleled holding power.

This little beauty is taking the place of our Tackle Bar and MultiStation – it’s like a marriage of the two. If you liked (or were looking for) one or both of those items, the Fisherman’s Cup Holder is for you.

Attaches to a vertical surface. Center dish measures 2 3/4″ across and 1 1/2″ deep. Cupholders are marine standard 3 1/2″ wide inserts.


What are SeaSuckers Anyway?

SeaSuckers are powerful
vacuum-cup mounts that
enable you to safely and
securely attach an array of
accessories to your boat
without using screws or drilling
holes. SeaSuckers let you attach
accessories wherever needed
and let you remove them
easily when you’re done so
you can stow them out of the
way. SeaSuckers are vacuum
cups, not suction cups. There’s
a big difference between the
two. The vast superiority of
SeaSucker vacuum cups comes
from their integrated pumps.
Once mounted, they really
hold - a 41/2” SeaSucker is rated
to hold up to 120 lbs.; a 6”
SeaSucker is rated to hold up to
210 lbs. You can multiply your
holding power by using two or
more SeaSuckers together in
the same application. If you’re
thinking about mounting
something to your boat, give
us a call and let us show you
how easy it will be to mount it
with a SeaSucker.