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Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions

Center Console Maintenance can be tricky. Staying up to date on the products the professionals use is even trickier. Our staff has been through it all, and brought you this list to save you time, and money! If you have any questions on how to use the products, or need a different one feel free to email us at Ahoy@sportfishoutfitters.com


How many and what size dock lines do I need?

What type of anchor do I need?

What fenders do I need and how many?

What kind of brushes do I need and why? 

What kind of wax or polish is best?

What do I clean my enclosure with?

How do I get rid of rust?

What safety equipment should I have?

How do I clean my non skid?

Can you clean your engines?

What do I use to clean my fishbox and bilge if it smells?

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Join Our Crew